Supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The Compact and Forum was created to help achieve two of the UN’s key priorities among its Sustainable Development Goals: promoting the rule of law and increasing access to justice. Read more about SDG-16 (Sustainable Development Goal 16)…

Compact and Forum Newsletter – Fall 2022

Join us in congratulating Sandie Okoro, former Senior Vice President of the World Bank, and Penelope Warne, Senior Partner and Chairman of the UK Board, for receiving honorary lifetime Emeritus membership of the Compact & Forum.

Bringing together the voices of law

We amplify the professional voices of lawyers by connecting law societies and bars across the globe, harnessing the collective perspective, purpose and power of the global legal profession towards the advancement of the rule of law and access to justice. in order to build a sustainable future.

Hosted by The World Bank’s GFLJD

As a sister organisation of the GFLJD (Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development), the Compact and Forum not only brings together legal minds from all over the world to raise awareness of the challenges faced by legal practitioners across the globe, we are also able to coordinate and augment existing initiatives to  help countries achieve the rule of law and access to justice in support of sustainable development

Activating local legal communities

Lawyers are at the front line in obtaining access to justice for the least advantaged members of society, providing legal representation and legal aid, and holding governments to account for failures to uphold the rule of law.  As an international meeting place for law societies and bars, the Compact and Forum enables the exchange of the knowledge and resources they need to build a robust and independent legal profession.

Hear from our members

Our members describe the importance of international coordination between law societies in supporting SDG16.