This working group is led by the Paris Bar Association.

It seeks to collect information from law societies around the world on programs, practices, and experiences that they have used to advance access to justice in their jurisdictions. This information will be compiled into a compendium (styled “the Lawyer’s Cookbook”) which will compile best practices (“recipes”) on access to law and justice that can be used as a reference by law societies all around the world to implement similar schemes, design entirely new ones, or even improve their own.

The Cookbook will include details such as cost, methodologies/formulas, partners, the targeted public, useful tips, and contacts etc. In presenting this information, it will consider differences in culture, legal traditions and systems, and resources to ensure that a law society can find the help that is most relevant to their context.

Using this bird’s eye view, the working group seeks to issue recommendations; establish best practices based on the case studies; highlight particularly successful initiatives, especially in connection with voluntary schemes that supplement the various legal aid schemes; and outline achievable initiatives to promote access to the law and justice.


Christian Brugerolle
Director of the International Relations Department, Paris Bar Association

Aurélia Huot
Deputy Director of the Department for Access to the Law and Justice, Paris Bar Association

Théodore Malgrain
Coordinator of Barreau de Paris Solidarité, Paris Bar Association

Activities and Events

LJD Week 2021 | Achieving Racial Equality within the Judiciary