This working group is led by the UK Law Society and the Inter-American Bar Association.

The working group is focused on helping law societies improve and strengthen their internal governance processes to make them more effective and enhance their transparency and accountability.

The working group will provide support to law societies and bar associations through a capacity building programme that includes organizational learning and development of good governance standards, tools and model documents that can benefit them and their members in the long term. The tools and guides will be developed through a participatory process that builds consensus and takes broadly into consideration different national and regional contexts.

In countries or jurisdictions where there is no representative professional body, the working group will assess the feasibility of forming one in a participatory way and working in partnership with the legal profession and other stakeholders in that jurisdiction.


Mickael Laurans
Head of International, The Law Society of England and Wales

Lourdes Venes
Secretary General, The Inter-American Bar Association

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