Connecting law societies around the world committed to foster a sustainable future

The Compact and Forum’s member organisations

Membership of the Compact and Forum is open to law societies, bar associations and similar professional societies of lawyers, , that represent and/or lobby on behalf of their members at a national or international level,  or exceptionally at a local, level (“law societies”) .

A commitment to the Compact and Forum’s core principles

The Compact and Forum’s reason for existing is to help foster a sustainable future by promoting the rule of law and increasing access to justice. That same commitment is expected from its member organisations,

who will be asked to commit to the following principles:

The Compact

  1. To include in its mission or aims the promotion of the rule of law and access to justice, establish a committee to promote them and appoint a representative to the Compact and Forum;
  • To advocate for law reforms to promote the rule of law/access to justice in its own and other jurisdictions;
  • To monitor respect for the rule of law/access to justice in its own jurisdiction and assist in monitoring other jurisdictions where the local bar association/law society lacks the resources to do so;
  • Where possible, to engage directly in and encourage its members to engage in pro bono advice and/or public interest litigation;
  • To work towards the goal that all persons have the assistance of a lawyer regardless of the means to pay;
  • Where practicable, to participate in physical and online working groups of the Compact and Forum aimed at promoting the rule of law/access to justice.