How will the Compact & Forum operate?

The Compact & Forum will primarily operate in the form of Working Groups. Members will propose topics/themes to be approved by the Board and will execute these Working Groups. Any resulting knowledge products will be peer-reviewed by other members and considered for publication.

In addition to Working Groups, the Compact & Forum Secretariat may also organize conferences, workshops and trainings.

Apart from participating in a Working Group, how else can a member support the work of the Compact & Forum?

Some of the ways members can support the Compact & Forum include:

  • Providing resources e.g., funding, staff time, travel and logistic support
  • Organizing conferences, workshops and/or conduct trainings
  • Sharing your research with fellow members
  • Providing translations of documents
  • Providing relevant legislative and other updates on your jurisdiction for our data collection exercises
  • Supporting in publishing Compact & Forum materials
  • Disseminating Compact & Forum materials your their networks and publicizing our activities

What is the difference between a member and a partner of the Compact & Forum?

Membership is the core of the Compact & Forum. A member can lead and participate in thematic working groups which are the primary way in which the Compact operates. A member can propose a working group topic or theme of its choice (to be approved by the Board) and execute this working group. On the other hand, partners (usually not Law Societies) can give financial or technical support to working groups and advise the Board, but will not be able to lead these working groups. 

Is there a fee to join the Compact & Forum and what financial obligations would members bear?

The Compact and Forum is a no-fee membership initiative. Financial contributions are not mandatory and any decision to contribute financially is left to the discretion of each member.

Members may also contribute in kind and by donating resources such as staff time on an ad-hoc basis, logistical support for events, subject-matter expertise or intellectual contribution etc.

Will the Compact & Forum compete or conflict with our existing programs on the rule of law and access to justice?

No. The Compact & Forum will work to amplify and expand any existing efforts. We exist to convene, connect, co-ordinate and amplify the work of lawyers and law societies in promoting the rule of law and access to justice.

Who are the members of the Compact & Forum?

Please find a list of our current members here.